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AANS Ward Dress

AANS Ward Dress 1914-1918
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This e-pattern includes: the Ward Dress dress pattern along with the patterns for: the uniform scarlet Tippet, white apron, head band, armband, sleeve protectors, detachable collar and cuffs. Full pattern notes demonstrating late Edwardian sewing techniques, historical notes on the uniform provided by experts in the field, along with information on how to wear the uniform, etc.


A dressmaking e-pattern of the Australian Army Nursing Service (AANS) Ward Dress uniform for World War I. The style also reflects the nursing uniform styles around the world in this period, particularly New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

This pattern is part of The Tailor's Apprentice Great War 1914-18 series www.thetailorsapprentice.com. The patterns were drafted using Edwardian drafting techniques and the pattern notes use early 20th c sewing techniques, so when you construct your AANS uniform you will be creating it in the style of 1914-18.

The pattern can be used by most WWI nursing troops, especially the British and New Zealand WWI nurses, as the Australian and NZ uniform was based on the Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service (QAIMNS). WWI nursing troops from other nations can also use this pattern as most nursing uniforms were very similar in style during these years, especially the Ward Dress.

The AANS Ward Dress and Outdoor dress 1914-16 comes with all the accessories of scarlet tippet, apron, separate collars and cuffs, veil and sleeve protectors as well as comprehensive pattern notes with step by step instructions. As noted above, this pattern can be used by most WWI nurse troops as the nursing uniforms around the world were very similar and the New Zealand and AANS uniform was based on the Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service (QAIMNS).

Skill level. This pattern is recommended for intermediate to advanced sewers. A good knowledge of sewing terminology is assumed and early 20th c sewing techniques are used.
These patterns are true to early 20th century pattern ease and fit, which means that shaping and characteristic differences in bust compared to hip and waist lengths, etc have been preserved true to the time in which they were originally designed.

Sizing: The Great War 1914-18 series e-pattern size range goes from size 8 through to size 24.

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